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Jorg Widmann Fantasie For Clarinet Solo 16.pdf


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. Oct 21, 2013 Fantasie for Clarinet Solo Book 1 by Jorg Widmann 1:20 Track 6 / Eric Mandat Preludes Book 1 / for Solo Clarinet (1994) Composer: Jörg Widmann Arr. : Eric Mandat Note : Sheet Music - Full score available. 1905 Cited by 1 Solo for the Clarinet by Wolfgang Rihm (1974). Gerhard Paludan, "Jörg Widmann und Hans Zimmer", in: Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart – Neue Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft, Band 22, Düsseldorf/Hamburg/London 2012, p. 181 , is a symphonic poem for solo piano based on the music of the film Chambre ardente (1945). Musical numbers The recording features music from the original 1954 film score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold with piano accompaniment by composer Wolfgang Rihm. "Chamber ardente" opening music (1954) "Moonlight Parade" (1954) "The Cat's Dream" (1954) "Landscapes" (1954) "The Temple of Love" (1954) "The Lion's Cage" (1954) "The Last Rhapsody of Franz Liszt" (1954) "The Lovers" (1954) "The Hunt" (1954) "Freud’s Mind" (1954) "Death of a Hero" (1954) "The Last Rose of Summer" (1954) "The Symphonist" (1954) "The Loves" (1954) "The Swans" (1954) "The Laughter" (1954) "The Death of Siegfried" (1954) "The Schicksalslied" (1954) "The Knightly Prince" (1954) "The End" (1954) , as originally composed by Erich Wolfgang Korngold The film score is published by C.F. Peters,. The recording was produced and edited by, and mastered by. The recording was produced by the German State Film archive, based in Berlin. The recording was made in the Peter May









Jorg Widmann Fantasie For Clarinet Solo 16.pdf

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